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EnviroLink™ Smarter Collection

With an improved multiplex network and analog system, the Labrie Group has laid the foundations for a brand-new era in truck intelligence. Cameras and monitors, scales, diagnostic tools, safety interlocks, alerts, GPS tracking, and more are now packaged in a more precise, reliable, and efficient Smart Collection Package.

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• Robust, reliable, and powerful controllers communicate together (and with the chassis) via Controller Area Network (CAN) and J1939 protocols.
• Improved system architecture reduces the quantity of part numbers used and stocked for service, featuring modular harnesses widely used across the entire product line.
• EnviroLink™ features an all-new 80% larger Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) touch screen display that allows operators and maintenance personnel intuitive navigation through menus and information for user-friendly operation.


• Easy and fast unit program updates (by USB flash drive, by Ethernet cable, or over the air).
• Faster troubleshooting by allowing remote access to system inputs, system outputs, and controller status.
• Easy data collection and transmission
• And much, much more.



With an array of available safety & productivity features

  • Robust HD Cameras (with shutter and heater) & Monitor System.
  • Configurable automatic monitor view switching to provide optimal visibility while: dumping carts/ containers, backing up, or performing other customer specified operations.
  • Smart interlocks to ensure safe and productive operation.
  • Newly redesigned Video Graphics Array (VGA) style fully configurable cluster for Labrie RH drive modification.
  • Onboard Scale System infrastructure integrated as standard options into the cab harnesses (available underbody, on the rear axle, or on Front Loader forks).
  • Collision Detection Systems (Front, Sides, and/or backup) [Ultrasonic or Radar].
  • System integrated counting device available with or without integration to back-office systems.
  • System integrated Engine or PTO hour meter.
  • Arm auto-dump programming to avoid driver fatigue and injuries.
  • Auto-packing after cart dumping to increase productivity.
  • Auxiliary controls in remote locations to increase productivity.

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